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18 kt Gold Plated Silver
White Zircons
Black Enamel
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Feline Bracelet
18 kt gold plated silver solid bracelet


Embrace the untamed allure of the wild with our solid animal print bracelet, a captivating blend of sophistication and fierceness. Skillfully handcrafted in Italy, each segment of this striking piece is forged from 18 kt gold plated silver, ensuring both opulence and resilience. The bold animal print motif, meticulously embellished with black enamel, exudes primal energy and allure. Glittering white zircons punctuate the design, adding a touch of brilliance to the bracelet's commanding presence. From its luxurious materials to its impeccable craftsmanship, this bracelet is a testament to Italian artistry and timeless elegance.

This piece of jewelry has been made in Vicenza, the jewelry capital of Italy, by a typical family run Italian company with all the skills having been passed down from Father to Son. Every attention is paid to detail and age-old fine jewelry techniques are used to create elegant and timeless pieces for all ages. Semi-precious stones, hand painted enamels, silver and gold are meticulously assembled to produce high quality pieces of jewelry that are affordable.

Please note that as this piece of jewellery is hand made it is not stocked in great numbers and there is likely to be a waiting period.

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