Italian Leather Business bags

Some of our leather briefcases are still made in the traditional style and others in the old satchel style, although they all now have shoulder straps as well as the standard carrying handle. A business bag is the modern version of what was once known as a briefcase. Traditionally these were used purely by business men to transport all their important documents, along with pens, paper, diary and calculator, between home and work. Now, in this digital age, most people carry a smartphone and perhaps a tablet or small laptop on which all their information is stored. Consequently, business bags are smaller, lighter and cross over easily between work and leisure as most people carry these things around with them all of the time. Most leather business bags are simple, with very little decoration which allows the quality of the luxurious Italian leather to stand out. A business bag come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, but all of our leather business bags are well designed inside to carry all of your necessities in a safe and organised manner.

Potenza (black) - Rigid calf leather business bag
Potenza (black)
Rigid calf leather business bag
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