Italian Pottery

"What is the fatal charm of Italy? What do we find there that can be found nowhere else? I believe it is a certain permission to be human, which other places, other countries, lost long ago." Erica Jong

Sailor - Large
Handmade, traditional ceramic tile from Sicily
Girasole - set of 3 plates
Handmade, traditional ceramic plates from Sicily
Handmade, ceramic candle holder
Blue Flower Clock
Ceramic and Wooden clock from Sicily
Luna & Sole
Set of 6 espresso cups
Donkey - Large
Handmade, traditional ceramic tile from Sicily

"I am a big fan of Italian coffee, and was searching for a particular set of cups to serve it. I received a well packaged set of 6 cups and saucers in excellent condition. I was also surprised at how affordable they were. The Italian Shop came through for me and they will for you too!"
Jim V.

"I have just received the goods I ordered from The Italian Shop. The ceramics are so pretty. Everything came wrapped up very carefully and the delivery service was perfect with the goods arriving much quicker than I expected. I would certainly recommend The Italian Shop to others and hope to use their services myself again before too long. Very many thanks."
Nancy B.

Using the traditional techniques of Italian ceramics production, our comprehensive range of colourful, decorative, hand-painted Italian ceramics is a wonderful celebration of traditional life in Italy. Each piece is lovingly painted by hand, making it totally unique.

Our Italian Pottery Collections

'Sicily' Dinnerware

The Tile Collection

The Clock Collection

The Coffee Cup Collection

The Candlestick Collection

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About Italian Pottery

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Italian pottery or ceramic products are very popular in the United States. Whether it is due to many Americans being of Italian descent, or whether it's because they are simply beautiful items that are appreciated in the USA, we certainly have many happy American customers!

Each of our traditional ceramic Italian pieces is hand-painted by artisans in Italy to create the most authentic product. These are not mass-produced in a factory and painted by a machine. Each piece is unique and has its place in the Mediterranean lifestyle. The colors and texture patterns create a nice look that brings an ambiance to any room when they are used, even if they are just used as decor. These traditional ceramic Italian products can help realize the history or ancestry of the region or help you feel like you are in the beautiful Italian countryside.

Sicilian Ceramic Dinnerware

This Italian ceramic tableware collection features plates with traditional patterns in bright colours that strike the eye. They are available in several shapes and three sizes.

Pottery Candlesticks

Candles produce a nice warm light that adds a romantic or historical ambiance to a room. Enhance that effect by using a traditional hand-painted candlestick. This traditional Sicilian pottery brings the culture of the historic island to your home.

Ceramic Decorative Tiles

If you are just looking for traditional Italian hand-painted ceramic tiles, we have those as well. The designs are based on those commonly found in Sicily and complement the colours used in the other ceramic products.

Although we only display certain items in each design, all of the items are available in any of the designs by special order.

Hand-Painted Rustic Pottery

If you want designs that invoke a more rural setting, check out the ‘Rustic’ collection. These Italian ceramics are painted in designs depicting the countryside. There are three designs to choose from, but no two ceramic pieces will be identical because they are all hand-painted.

Our tableware selection includes pieces such as hand-painted jugs, ceramic bowls, and plates that would be a welcome addition to any dining room looking to have an air of relaxation and the Mediterranean lifestyle. Bring a piece of traditional Italy with you wherever you dine.

Rustic Ceramic Kitchenware

We also offer kitchenware such as storage jars, plates, ceramic bowls, and handmade spoon rests. These pieces are functional and also look great as decor. The style and colorways invoke fond memories of being in the kitchen with family and cooking in Southern Italy.

Whether shopping for a friend, relative, or yourself, there is sure to be a classic Italian design that catches the eye. Our hand-painted Italian ceramic kitchenware or tiles can bring life to a home.

Italian Ceramics

Italy has a rich history of high-quality ceramics going back hundreds of years starting with the Etruscans, who were the first to produce ceramics in Italy. The word ‘ceramic’ comes from the Greek word ‘keramos,’ which means clay. Several cities are known for their ceramic artisans. During the Renaissance, Tuscany and Umbria became famous for ceramics, and in Sicily, the traditional tiles were produced. Each region claims to have the best ceramics. But like all things Italian, each region has its own specialty.

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