The popularity of men's bags

The popularity of men's bags


The rise of male accessories is on the rise worldwide in modern society and it seems that now there is almost a male product to match every female one. Men's bags have always been popular, if not necessary, in Italy and have been popping up in other countries in Europe over the last few years. They are increasing in popularity mainly due to the items we now carry around with us, all too large and heavy to fit into trouser pockets. These modern man bags are much more than just masculine handbags, they are smart, useful and varying shapes and sizes mean that there is one for every purpose.

The popularity of men's leather bags

Leather bags are without a doubt the first choice of nearly all man as they are timeless, classic and hard wearing. A leather man bag will always be fashionable and looks just as good with a smart suit and tie and it does with jeans and a jumper. They are also durable and sturdy which means that they can be thrown around, crammed full of too many things, left on the floor and generally mistreated without falling apart. A good leather bag will last a lifetime and this is a plus for those new to man bags as it means they will probably only ever have to buy one of them!

The fashion trend of men's leather bags

Men's leather bags are on the rise! These bags are now selling out as fast as they can be produced, with the high end, luxury leather bags being the most popular. In most countries it is now no longer considered wrong for a man to carry a bag, an umbrella or wear a brightly coloured silk scarf his neck. The fashion industry is now responding to this rise in the popularity of men’s accessories and men are embracing it.

What type of leather manbag do men want?

Men's bags come in a variety of styles enabling the buyer to purchase his specific needs. The most popular style is the messenger bag as this is a solid, square shape, has a flap over the front and a variety of pockets both internally and externally. Messenger bags come in many different sizes with the smaller ones being perfect for everyday use and the larger ones capable of taking the place of a briefcase or business bag. For those men who are new to carrying a bag around with them a small, smooth leather bag just large enough for essentials is the first choice. Leather bags that are made specifically for men have much longer straps then similar styles that are made for women. These shoulder straps are always fully adjustable making them suitable for all shapes and sizes of men.

What do men carry in their bags?

Men's bags are useful at different times, but once they have taken the plunge men tend to carry one around with them at all times. Most men carry at least one smartphone around with them, as well as a wallet, car keys, door keys, sunglasses and in some cases spectacles. All of these items would look bulky in the pockets of a tailored suit or a pair of tight fitting jeans. Packing all of these daily essentials neatly into a smart leather bag is a much better option. A bag is also useful on flights as a larger man bag enables you to easily carry items such as an ipad, smart phone, papers, pens and a book. This eliminates the need of a small cabin bag and means you can have all the items you want on the flight under your seat rather above your head.

How do women react to this trend of men's bags?

Women have been the dominant group in fashion for the past century. Women's fashion is often seen as more glamorous, while men's fashion is viewed as less important and less interesting than their female counterparts. This trend has been changing rapidly with the majority of men, particularly the younger generations, more fashion conscious and aware of their appearance.


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Large, roomy messenger bag
Erice (brown)
Large, roomy messenger bag
Very sturdy Italian leather  messenger bag
Sutri (dark brown)
Very sturdy Italian leather messenger bag
A sleek, classic messenger bag
Roana (tan)
A sleek, classic messenger bag
Italian leather handmade messenger bag
Nerola (brown)
Italian leather handmade messenger bag
Small, calf leather shoulder bag
Padula (tan)
Small, calf leather shoulder bag
Elegant and practical messenger bag
Teora (black)
Elegant and practical messenger bag
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