Wedding Entourage I-Do Crew Gifts from Italy

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About Italian Wedding Entourage I-Do Crew Gifts

wedding party I-Do Crew gifts from italy

Italian Wedding Entourage I-Do Crew Gifts

A wedding in Italy sounds almost dreamlike. A journey to forever with the love of your life in a historic cathedral or a scenic setting by the sea with your closest friends by your side who have flown down to be your "I do crew." However, as the bride and groom planning a wedding, you know this magical day requires a lot of hard work from you and your family and from the friends you've chosen to be your I-do crew.

Selecting Your Italian Wedding Entourage I-Do Crew Gifts

These people that you have chosen to have by your side will devote a lot of time, money, and effort to make your special day memorable. From the wedding outfit to dress rehearsals, travel expenses to Italy, party planning, and venue decorations, your 'girls' and 'men' will have stood by you throughout.

wedding party I-Do Crew gifts from italy

It is fitting and proper to say thank you after the wedding and not just with words. A carefully selected gift can make that "Thank You" even more sincere.

Unsure of what gifts to choose your wedding entourage? We have a wide range of authentic Italian gifts that will make your "Thank You" really memorable for your I-Do Crew:

Choose gifts that match their personality and style

When selecting a gift for your wedding entourage, one thing that should stay at the top of your mind is the personality and style of each person in your crew. A piece of luxury jewelry, leather bag or a unique silk scarf might be a good fit for a social and fashion-concious person. A wine-lover would certainly appreciate a hand made olive wood sommelier set, complete with a bottle of delicious Italian wine.

wedding party I-Do Crew gifts from italy

While you are probably already familiar with the tastes of your closer friends and family, especially your maid of honor or best man, you might need to study and learn the personal preferences of other crew members to help you select the perfect gift for them.

Get gifts that celebrate their milestones.

During your stay in Italy, you might discover more about your wedding entourage that can help you select a memorable thank-you gift for them.

wedding party I-Do Crew gifts from italy

Perhaps one of your groomsmen just got a long-awaited promotion; this milestone will be a cherished memory to him. Getting him a gift to commemorate this event is a way to connect that memorable event to your gift and wedding.

Try Practical Gifts

When people think about memorable gifts, they sometimes ignore practical gifts for sentimental ones. Especially with your I Do Crew, which comprises people you know and relate well with, getting them things you know they need to appreciate their support is a great idea.

We have a wide range of ceramic and olive wood gifts that make very practical gifts, we also have some truly unique traditional Italian pen sets, bookmarks and letter openers.

Add a personalized appreciation note

Regardless of your gift choice, a bouquet of their favorite flowers and a personalized appreciation note in the theme and color of your wedding adds a unique touch to your gift. Don't forget to add this to your wedding entourage's gift bag!

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