UK Shipping

Reluctantly, we have joined the majority of Italian online retailers and decided to withdraw our delivery services to the UK for the time being.

Since Brexit, the arrangments the UK government has put in place for selling products and shipping them from the EU to the UK are extremely time-consuming and costly for businesses.

For example. sending a package to the USA requires 2 pieces of paperwork and takes 3 days to deliver.

By contrast, Sending a package to the UK requires registration with HMRC for UK VAT. UK VAT then needs to be added to the sale price of the item, and paid directly to them every 3 months. The smallest mistake incurs a substantial fine.

Shipping requires 12 pieces of paperwork, additional courier charges and takes up to 3 weeks to deliver.

Once the package is delivered to the customer, they are required to pay addional charges, including UK import duty. If a customer declines to do so, and the package is returned to us, we then have to pay European import duty, even though the item originated in Italy.

In the event that you are still interested in purchasing something from our store, despite these hurdles, please contact us for an individual quotation.

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