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Length: 180cm (70.87 inches)
Width: 70cm (27.56 inches)

Limited edition
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Pompei Villas
Vibrant double-sided silk scarf


Pompei Villas is a silk and modal double-sided scarf, printed with floral motifs in shades of opulent red and light rust. The dusty reds and rusts in this silk scarf are reminiscent of the painted walls in many of the remains around the archaeological site of Pompeii.

This long, soft silk scarf has been made in Italy using blends of fine, hand picked silk which have been printed and dyed using special, traditional techniques. It is double sided, which creates an unbelievable shimmering effect, the result of which is a colourful, lustrous and luxurious scarf.

Each Pompei Villas scarf takes two full days to complete, due to the complex and delicate stitching skills which are needed to make up a double sided silk scarf of this quality. Each one is stitched lovingly, and with the utmost care, near the shores of Lake Como, consequently only a limited number are available.

This sensational scarf is not only luxurious and exquisite, it is also beautifully presented. It is coiled inside a white satin tube which has a drawstring top and makes a useful storage place for the scarf later. This tube is then placed inside a sturdy white box and there is a presentation envelope for your message.

The Pompei Villas silk scarf is not just an accessory, but a high-end, fashionable Italian design statement.
40% silk 60% modal