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Espresso cup
Height: 5cm (1.97 inches)
Diameter, at top: 6cm (2.36 inches)

Serving Plate
Length at longest point: 24cm (9.45 inches)
Width, at widest point: 12cm (4.72 inches)

All measurements are approximate
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Poppy Espresso Set
2 cups and small serving plate


These espresso cups and ceramic serving plates are exclusive to The Italian Shop.

We have just designed our own ceramic espresso cups which have been handmade and hand painted for us in the mountains of southern Italy. We are often asked if we can find Italian espresso cups with poppies on them, we couldn't, so we designed our own.

In true Italian style, these lovely coffee cups come complete with a small rectangular plate to serve them on. In Italy drinking coffee is not taken lightly and in the home it is always served with ceremony. The authentic style coffee cups are the perfect size and shape for a good shot of Italian espresso.

The serving plate could always be used for biscuits or cakes if you preferred and there is room on it for a cookie or two alongside the coffee cups.

This set consists of:
1 rectangular serving plate
2 espresso cups

These items are made to order and can take up to three weeks to complete.
As they are handmade and hand painted they will all be slightly different and not exactly like the ones in the photographs.