Italian leather articles

Agnone (black)
A traditional style, classy leather handbag
Alatri (tan)
Large, soft, vintage leather shoulder bag
Alberobello (red)
Elegant, high quality leather shoulder bag
Alia (black)
Classic leather handbag
Altamura (dark taupe)
Simple, square, woven calf leather bag
Amalfi (shocking pink)
Soft Italian calf leather luxury bag
Amandola (tan)
Large, soft, comfortable vintage leather bag
Antonio (black)
Vertical, wallet with excellent capacity
Apricale (dove grey)
Pretty bag with suede leather panel
Arianna (deep pink)
Compact, roomy, soft leather wallet
Arrone (apple)
Simple, square, woven calf leather bag
Assisi (black)
Large, soft, vintage leather shoulder bag
Avellino (tan)
Roomy, Italian leather bag with bamboo handles
Bari (rust)
Cute, inexpensive leather bag
Beatrice (yellow)
Small, pretty calf leather wallet
Bellini (chocolate)
Latest, high fashion handbag in soft vintage leather
Belluno (chestnut)
Large, versatile vintage leather bag
Bergamo (dark grey)
Reptile print calfskin leather handbag
Bione (black)
Simple, but classic design
Bolano (evergreen)
Small bag with reptile print calf leather
Bosa (fuchsia)
Rafia handbag with leather handles
Cagliari (tan)
High quality, luxurious and beautiful shoulder bag
Capri (cream/tan)
Versatile, rigid leather handbag
Cascia (red)
Shopper style leather handbag
Certaldo (prune)
A soft calf leather, modern style handbag
Cinzia (red)
Small, neat, spacious leather wallet
Como (duckegg blue)
Popular, roomy, strong, soft leather bag
Corato (dark green)
Medium sized leather messenger bag
Cori (dove grey)
Pretty leather handbag with matchingfoulard
Cremona (black)
Soft, calf leather hobo style bag
Davide (tan)
Luxury vintage leather wallet
Deruta (tan)
Soft, luxurious Italian leather bag
Domenico (tan)
Classic, shiny leather wallet
Elisa (tan)
Small, compact and just the perfect size
Elva (dark brown)
Perfect rucksack for work and travel
Erice (brown)
Large, roomy messenger bag
Fabio (black)
Vertical leather wallet
Favara (black)
Large, Italian leather, shopper style bag.
Filomena (yellow)
Refined and sophisticated luxurious leather wallet
Flavia (wisteria)
Pretty and practical leather wallet
Formia (brown)
Large, soft leather handbag
Frascati (black)
Small, neat and stylish shoulder bag
Gavi (navy blue)
A traditional style, smart leather handbag
Giacomo (navy blue)
High quality leather wallet
Giulia (green)
Prestigious calfskin leather wallet
Guspini (deep rose)
Medium sized, simple, unfussy bag for every day use
Imperia (dark brown)
Elegant, feminine, vintage leather bag
Iseo (rosewood)
Compact, fashionable, soft leather shoulder bag
Ivrea (black)
A traditional style backpack with patterned leather
Jesi (tan)
Ideal for air travel and weekends away
Lamon (tiger)
Latest fashion, animal print leather handbag
Leonardo (tan)
A functional wallet with simple lines
Lesa (peppermint)
Simple design in soft, Italian leather
Lodi (dark cyan/brown)
Soft, versatile leather cross-body bag with long strap
Lorenzo (brown)
Wallet in luxurious natural leather
Lucia (dark brown)
Slim, elegant and functional wallet
Luigi (brown)
Good size, roomy, soft leather wallet
Luson (tan)
Soft, high quality leather backpack
Maiori (celeste)
Vintage style leather tote bag
Manta (tan)
The softest leather shoulder bag you could wish for!
Manzana (black)
Fairly large, reptile print leather handbag
Marco (dark brown)
Leather wallet with a difference
Maria (black)
Slim, colourful wallet with large capacity
Mario (brown)
Nappa leather wallet
Marsala (black)
Woven Italian calf leather compact handbag
Matilde (tan)
Ingeniously designed leather wallet
Matteo (brown)
Soft, woven leather wallet
Melfi (tan)
Large, slim, calf leather shoulder bag
Merano (tan)
Light, spacious, soft and fashionable backpack
Monfalcone (dark brown)
Traditional calf leather briefcase
Narni, large (tan)
Useful, compact shaped leather bag
Nerola (brown)
Italian leather handmade messenger bag
Nico (black)
Slim line wallet & phone case
Nicolina (red)
Soft, calf leather wallet
Ofena (dark brown)
Large, smart messenger bag
Otranto (black/tan)
Tote bag in soft, Italian calf leather
Pachino (dark brown)
Easy to wear messenger bag
Padula (tan)
Small, calf leather shoulder bag
Pertosa (peacock)
Two-tone leather shoulder bag
Phone Holder (navy blue)
Quilted leather mobile phone holder
Piea (spearmint)
A slim, fashionable leather shoulder bag
Pietro (black)
Simple but functional leather wallet
Pisa (black)
Large, extremely soft leather shoulder bag
Poppi (dark grey)
Extremely soft leather tote bag
Potenza (black)
Rigid calf leather business bag
Rieti (beige)
Soft, luxurious Italian leather bag
Rimini (dark green)
Large, soft calf leather handbag
Roana (tan)
A sleek, classic messenger bag
Roma (taupe)
Soft, luxurious Italian leather bag
Rosella (turquoise)
Soft Italian leather wallet
Salara (pink)
A slim, fashionable leather shoulder bag
San Remo (tan)
Vintage leather messenger bag
Scario (turquoise)
A beautiful, soft, top quality Italian leather shoulder bag
Siris (peppermint)
A slim, fashionable leather shoulder bag
Sofia (wine)
Small, fun, leather wallet
Spello (brown)
Rich, chocolate brown, Italian leather bag
Spoleto (dark brown)
Multifunctional and stylish bag
Square desk tray (chianti)
Leather tray for small objects
Sutri (dark brown)
Very sturdy Italian leather messenger bag
Taranto (tan)
Rigid calf leather business bag
Teora (black)
Elegant and practical messenger bag
Todi (tan/brown)
Cute, versatile leather bag
Trecchina (chestnut)
Our best selling leather backpack
Treviso (mustard)
Printed, Italian calf leather bag
Treviso (navy blue)
Printed, Italian calf leather bag
Valdina (black)
Large, woven Italian leather, shoulder bag
Valentina (black)
Patent leather wallet
Vasto (red)
Large, elegant messenger bag
Venezia (rosewood)
High fashion, vintage effect leather bag
Viareggio (sky blue)
Soft, spacious Dollaro leather shopper style bag
Viterbo (dark blue)
Practical and durable briefcase
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