Green Pass

Italy's Green Pass Certificate

Italy's 'Green Pass' certificate, which comes in digital or paper versions, shows that people have been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from covid-19. This was amended multiple times, extending the locations and actions where the Green Pass was required. Although, the pass is not applicable to children under 12 and it is not needed for consuming food or drink at tables outdoors or drinking a coffee while standing at the bar or to travel on local public transport or regional train journeys in Italy. The decision to widen the scope of the Green Pass comes amid a resurgence in covid-19 infections in Italy, fuelled by the Delta variant. You can obtain the green pass from The Certificazione Verde website in Italian, is available in English, French and German. In order to obtain, the Green Pass it is necessary to provide at least one of the following: vaccination certification, details showing that you have recovered from covid-19, or a recent test with negative results. After being vaccinated in Italy, you are notified by email or text message with a QR code which provides access to download the Green Pass form onto a PC, tablet or smartphone. The Green Pass issued after being vaccinated the cert is valid for 270 days (about nine months). For those who received the pass after recovering from Covid, it stays valid for 180 days (about 6 months). For those who test negative after an antigenic or molecular swab it lasts just 48 hours.

If you are visiting Italy you do not need a Green Pass. If you are not resident in the EU but is resident in any country on the Italian government’s “List D” you can use your official government vaccine certificate instead of a Super Green Pass to provide the last dose of an EU approved vaccine you took was within 9 months of today’s date, with official photo ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.). the application of the rules for non-EU citizens is kind of inconsistent. At major institutions like the Colosseum and the Vatican, they are well prepared and will honor the use of non-EU certificates from the countries listed above.

Unfortunately, some other places the verification of your certificate will be up to the worker on the door, who may or may not be informed as to the eligibility of vaccination certificates from the countries listed above. some systems are automated and will only allow people to enter if their QR code scans correctly. If you can’t get a Super Green Pass; however you can get a Green Pass: the Italian system theoretically allows you to show a QR code that carries the results of a PCR or antigen test taken in the previous 48 hours. You will need to take a Covid test in Rome at a lab that will send you a test certificate with a compatible QR code. If you have recovered from covid, you must tender a recovery certificate that shows full name, birthdate, proof of positive Covid test with date of first positive result, and identification information of government or state health authority issuing certificate.

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