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Ferrari – Lifestyle and Cultural Impact

Ferrari – Lifestyle and Cultural Impact

Ferrari, perhaps the most iconic car brand in Italy and known throughout the world, has had a wide-ranging impact on history. Founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari, the company’s main purpose was the manufacture of high-range racing cars, before branching into civilian motoring in 1947. In their street cars, however, Ferrari pulled out all the stops, incorporating racing technology to stand out from the competition.

Enzo Ferrari oversaw the company until his death in 1988, leaving behind a business renowned for producing the world’s most exquisite, fast, and luxurious cars. Ferraris continue to be one of Italy’s most sought-after cars, and owning one is seen as a statement, thanks to the price tag and their beauty.

Ferrari is based in Maranello, and every single one of its cars is designed and manufactured there. With over 3000 staff, the factory is at the forefront of aerodynamic testing and research . Technological innovation has long been at the core of Ferrari, and it continues that legacy with the factory’s advanced capabilities. The Fiorano racing circuit, close to the factory, is used for further testing and, thanks to Ferrari’s popularity, supporters (known as I Tifosi) often come to watch tests and development from the sidelines.

In regard to races, Ferrari’s focus is predominantly on Formula One. It is the oldest surviving team that still participates in races and is the most successful in history with 15 driver and 16 constructor championship wins. Well-known drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda, and Juan Manuel Fangio have won championships while signed to Ferrari.

The Ferrari museum, also in Maranello, is the ultimate attraction for any Formula One fan. It features a cinema, showcasing films on racing history, and a section exhibiting past and present Ferrari road and track cars.

Ferrari is culturally significant for Italy on many fronts. Just like Italian architecture and food, Ferrari is uniquely Italian, and is something that many Italians take pride in. Additionally, sporting culture in Italy is strong, and Ferrari forms a huge part of that with its Scuderia Formula One team.

Cheering on one’s home Formula One team in the stands of the Monza Grand Prix is a massive part of Italian culture. The Tifosi are often in full swing at the Monza Grand Prix, coming together to display a huge Ferrari flag, decorated with the prancing horse logo, from the stands. While in other countries, football and basketball games are what bring families together, in Italy, it’s motor racing.

Aside from racing, the cars themselves are important in Italian culture. Ferrari’s unique cars signify the way in which Italians strive for perfection and are a reminder of Italy’s rich history. As such, the imagination and passion that is put into each automobile is as strong as the joy invested in other parts of Italian culture, such as food, art, and architecture. As such, branding is vital. Ferrari, with its yellow and black prancing horse logo, does not forget to feature the Italian flag, calling back to its origin .

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