Classic leather handbags back in Italian fashion

Just as the earth and life have their cycles and modes of progression, so does fashion. Because of this progression and cycle, old fashion trends come back to become new trends. Even many of the country's leading fashion firms, despite being known for a wide variety of various products today, began with leather because leather-making has such long roots throughout Italy.

In 1913, Prada opened a leather goods shop in Milan; in 1921, Gucci opened a leather goods shop in Florence; in 1927, Ferragamo opened a leather shoe shop in Florence; and in 1966, Vicenza's Bottega Veneta opened a leather goods shop. Even Roberto Cavalli, currently best known for his sandblasted jeans and vivid, wild designs, gained notoriety in the 1970s by developing and patenting a method for printing on leather.

The Bottega Veneta Handbags are among the vintage Italian bags that are currently back in style. Bottega brings back vintage Bottega designs for bag lovers. And what is even more exciting is that the bags' cost remained the same. The Banana bag and Cabat bag are two examples of classic designs that have been remade. There will be 12 fresh (but dated) designs released each month. The Cabat and Banana bags each come in three hues this month. Since timeless objects don't have to follow a seasonal calendar, the Bottega Series philosophy questions the whole idea of seasons. Tom Ford also brought back several antique leather purses in a flash.

A real deal in terms of pricing and an effort to conserve the environment, Italian-made genuine leather bags are meticulously personalized to your precise specifications. Products of outstanding aesthetic value, excellent quality, and undeniable elegance: characteristics that have always set Made in Italy apart and made it famous around the world.

Choosing the ideal blend of the qualities that a high-quality bag should have means choosing a "Made in Italy" handbag made of genuine leather that was processed in Italy. A bag created, manufactured, and handcrafted in Italy is the culmination of a unique. It is a certified product that stands out from the competition for the accuracy of the design and the high quality of the leather.

The quality of leather produced in Italy may be felt and smelled, but it can also be seen in how it is made. The daily labor of Italian artisans who are passionate and enthusiastic about their profession helps to build this perfection.

It is common knowledge that bags, whether for men or women, are among the most important accessories for any wardrobe. However, the handcrafted leather purses work just as well to dress up a pair of plain jeans as they do to highlight an evening gown. The bags, along with the shoes, are among the key components that make up our style. They are significant in terms of how well they complement our clothing in terms of aesthetics and their functionality in carrying our personal belongings while maintaining the appropriate level of comfort.

high quality Italian calf leather handbag - apricale
Apricale (dove grey)
Pretty bag with suede leather panel
Fashionable, animal print handbag
Lasa (dappled)
Fashionable, animal print handbag
Pretty leather handbag with matchingfoulard
Cori (dove grey)
Pretty leather handbag with matchingfoulard
The Narni is a nicely shaped bag with some beautiful metal work giving it a very classy design.
Narni, large (tan)
Useful, compact shaped leather bag
Medium, soft woven leather bag
Otranto (mint)
Medium, soft woven leather bag
Neat, compact, woven leather bag
Nola (tan)
Neat, compact, woven leather bag
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